You Think You're Having a Rough Day?

Try being a rental bowling New Jersey!

Meet Jim. He began life as the skin of a cow. Jim had no idea that one day, he'd end up as a left-foot rental bowling shoe in Bayonne, New Jersey.

Working at 12 Strikes Bowling World, he has to put up with long hours, sweaty-footed customers, splinters on the floor, the incompetent brothers who run the alley, and arrogant coworkers.

But not everyone is rude to Jim. In fact, the many cockroaches that live in the alley are quite friendly, And then there's Sally, a piece of leather Jim met in his youth whom he dreams of finding one day. But to do that, he'll need to escape 12 Strikes Bowling World—a tall order for a short shoe.

Adventures of a Bowling Shoe comes with 33 illustrations that bring the disgusting horribleness of the bowling alley to life! Great for the whole family. (Maybe not.)

Adventures of a Bowling Shoe
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About The Author, Tom Rozek

Tom wrote his first children's book when he was 9, after being inspired by an arthropod class at the Harvard Peabody Museum. His book was about the adventures of a lobster and a crayfish. In the years since then he has been a farmer and done a variety of other things. He's focused much of his writing energy on science fiction and essays, but he continues to be interested in stories with unusual characters and strange situations. He lives in Rhode Island.

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